16 July 2020 - Francesca F. Real Estate
What is COVID-19 long term impact on real estate product and which is in your view the most impacted product?
16 July 2020 - David Pych Ivanhoe Cambridge
Given the huge stimulous from Goverments, Central Banks you evoked do you anticipate that those stimulous would equalize more speadily than anticipated the Covid 19 impact on real estate asset valuation more particularly on the Italian market ?
16 July 2020 - Edoardo Ferraris Private equity
Mr. Kumar what is your view on interest rates and real estate cap rates in the medium term?
16 July 2020 - Kyle Lee NPS
I'm wondering what made bond yield on March 2020 surged.
16 July 2020 - Hello User Private
Apart from the second wave what is the major risk that you see globally?